Mission: Holy Driver’s License Pt. 2

This is the story of how Austria came to embrace the pasta headgear. Being a symbol of religious faith in the Pastafari movement Niko Alm was allowed to show a pasta strainer on his driver’s license. The full story, part 2.

Aus rechtlichen Gründen werden Artikel aus unserem Archiv zum Teil ohne Bilder angezeigt.


Because good things like wine take time, it has taken me almost a year to get back to my mission regarding a new driver’s license. As I told you in episode one, wearing any kind of headgear on the photograph of the driver’s license holder is not allowed unless the religion you believe in forces you to. The thing is that the flying spaghetti monsters’ cosmic radiation causes some terrible headache which can only be prevented by wearing an IKEA-pasta strainer. Since this pain is caused by a supernatural being (the FMS) and can’t be explained by the laws of nature, (we are talking about a miracle here) the pasta strainer on my head can only be due to religious beliefs.

Next time I’m going to get my new driver’s license!

The full story of the holy driver’s license, pt.1 to pt.∞.

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