Mission: Holy Driver’s License Pt. 6

This is the story of how Austria came to embrace the pasta headgear. Being a symbol of religious faith in the Pastafari movement Niko Alm was allowed to show a pasta strainer on his driver’s license. The full story, part 6.

Aus rechtlichen Gründen werden Artikel aus unserem Archiv zum Teil ohne Bilder angezeigt.


God news everyone!

I don’t know how many times I’ve thrown myself on the bed sobbing. The state officials denied my freedom to practice my religion far to often. I’ve even been sent to a public medical officer. The Austrian Broadcasting Corporation ORF did cover my story in a detailed documentation. All that, only because I wanted to be a good Pastafari. But I exercised patience.

The Austrian republic recognizes my religious headgear. Today I collected my new check card format driver’s license at the licensing agency. The license clearly shows a photo of myself wearing a pasta strainer to demonstrate my affiliation to the Church Of The Flying Spaghetti Monster. I decided to celebrate my religious freedoms as a enlightened Western European, just as Muslim women do when they wear a headscarfs or a burka – without any strain or force.

Finally! My new driver’s license. Here’s the more recognizable original photo.

It’ll be golden times for driving! And I’m sure that from now on I will receive the full treatment: high visibility jacket, breakdown triangle, first aid kit, registration document, alcohol test.

The full story of the holy driver’s license, pt.1 to pt.∞.

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